Silver Label Inspections

Silver Label Inspections

If you are planning to put your mobile home on the market, it may need a silver label inspection.

Used Mobile Homes

Used mobile homes (whether de-registered or not) may only be offered for sale in the Province of British Columbia when they bear an approval label and the wiring has not been altered. Any modifications or additions must be done with a valid permit.

If there has been any renovations, alterations, or additions without a valid permit, a silver label inspection will be required.

Inspection Process

Set up an appointment, and I will come and assess your mobile home. The process has three parts. First, the initial visit will be done with no charge to you.  It will take about an hour and at the end I can give you an idea of what needs to be done and an estimate about how long it will take. Second will be the actual inspection. Depending on the size of the mobile home and if there is any additions, the inspection can take as much as 2 days.  Here we will test all the circuits and check for any deficiencies that will prevent approval.  Last will be the process of actually correcting those problems that are found.

Preparing for the inspection

It is good to have some information ready. Details about the manufacturer, model, serial number, and the dimensions of the mobile home and any additions is essential.  You can usually find this information on your insurance papers.

When the inspection starts, you will need to have everything unplugged and the light bulbs removed. The process of testing the circuits can damage devices that are attached to the circuit.  It also helps if the outlets along the wall are exposed and easy to access. Anything that speeds up the inspection will end up saving you money.


If you have any questions or would like any more detail on how the inspection works, please send me an email or use the contact form.