Liven Up!

After much consideration, I am going to be trying out “Liven Up” as the new business slogan.  I would like to thank my wife for her creativity and the current slogan of Grand Forks for the inspiration.

Licensed Electrician serving Grand Forks and Area

Marker Electric is a local, licensed & insured electrical contractor serving Grand Forks, Christina Lake, Greenwood and Area D. Marker Electric is dedicated to offering personal and professional service by a Journeyman Electrician.

Looking for your opinion

The demand for Solar Energy is increasing. Grand Forks and the Kootenay region in general is one of the most ideal areas in the country to benefit from Solar.  We want to make this service available to you, but first we want to get your thoughts about it.  Please check out our poll on this and feel free to send us your feedback.  Green Energy