Plans and Ideas

Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

Seniors and Persons with Disabilities are eligible for a $1000 tax rebate when renovating their home to improve livability and accessibility. Marker Electric can help with improved interior and exterior lighting, motion activated lighting, and relocating switches and receptacles for easier access.

For further information visit The B.C. seniors home renovation tax credit

DIY Electrical Assistance

There is an independent and self reliant attitude in the boundary country that really makes this place special.  We, at Marker, understand that you want to take care of business yourself.  However, with electricity, what you don’t know can hurt you or damage your property. So before you get started, get some advice from a professional. We can work with you at the beginning of your project to help you make your renovation safe and up to code. Whether you want to work with our Electrician during the project, get ideas about the hidden difficulties, or just have someone inspect your finished work, we can help.

Landscape power and Lighting.

Improve lighting and visibility in your yard.  Whether you want to light up a set of stairs in your yard or want to improve a patio space, we can install lights to bring life to your spaces after dark.  Lights can be tied to motion sensors, timers or switched. If you are plugging in equipment out in your yard, you can get rid of extension cords by adding convenience power points where you need them.